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Originally Posted by kytroutman View Post
snail, what most people don't know, the power generated in coal producing states does not supply just those states. Eastern MT for example, provides the electricity to the Pacific NW to the upper Mississippi basin and south to TX. TVA power directly supplies the majority of the South and is resold on the grid to parts of the northeast. PA supplies OH to DC and the rest of the northeast.
Yes, you are right. About half of all power produced in America comes from coal. Along with 59% of total U.S. sulfur dioxide pollution (acid rain), 18% of total nitrogen oxides, 50% of total particle pollution, 40% of carbon dioxide pollution. As well as the largest mercury polluter and the largest overall air polluter generally.

The bottom line is always money, right now (not even money long-term, which again, makes coal look a lot uglier). If we Americans, the richest people in the history of the world, don't find good enough reasons to do something about coal now, then we never will. We will always find excuses to use the cheapest, dirtiest energy no matter how rich we get.
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