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The lamiglass honey blanks are from 3-5 wt only. They are full flexing rods. I have a 7' 3wt 2piece and a 7'6" 4wt 3piece. The 4wt is actually slower than the 3wt due to the extra length and spigot ferrules. Honeys are e-glass which is thicker and more flexing than the lighter and faster s-glass.
I have owned a glass 8' 7wt before and it worked well for bass but sold it and now use a 7.5 ft 6wt. I throw up to a size 1 popper out to normal fishing ranges of 40-60 ft. These are older 1970s models of the fenwick feralite series. Fiberglass works best in the 3-6 wt range and from 7-8 ft lengths.
You should go to fiberglass flyrodders forum for more info on building and choosing a rod if your interested in glass.
Here is a pict. of my lamiglass honeys and the other is of my Fenwick glass.

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