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Default From Bass to Bream to Trout

Well guys I have read all your posts and I feel that I am in good company. I too use to tournament fish with the bait casting reels and 7' heavy to medium heavy casting rods. I lost interest in this type of fishing about 3 years ago when I read an article a guy had written who lived on a pressure fished lake in California. He was writing about using extremely light tackle to catch hugh bream, spots and largemouth. That article change my way of fishing forever. I started using micro light rods 7 ½’ long with small spinning reels spooled with 2 to 4 lb. test line using tiny grubs, rooster tails, and even live leeches about 1/2" long---this method of fishing has enabled me to catch 3 times the fish I use to catch with the heavy equipment. Landing a large 1 lb. bream or a 4 lb. spot or even a 4 to 5 lb. largemouth takes a lot of skill especially using this type of equipment. It has become a challenge now to land the fish that I use to jerk out of the water with heavy tackle. The micro learning experience has lead me to trout fishing a couple of years ago and I am hooked forever---why because I had developed a love for landing the fish with light tackle before I tried to land the weary trout. I have found that the fight the trout puts up is just as exciting as landing a large beam or spot on light tackle. I think that one of the most appealing things about trout fishing is the challenge of getting the fish to take your fly and once hooked seeing the fish go airborne. I am still in the learning stages and will never learn all there is to learn about trout fishing but that is what makes the sport so appealing to me. There is nothing like being on a beautiful stream on a warm summer day or an early spring day trying to land the trout of a lifetime. I can’t wait to get back on the water as soon as the weather gets right.
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