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I grew up fishing bass and panfish from one side of the family, trout, salmon, steelhead from the other side - not with fly (wish I knew then what I know know)...but anyone who knows me knows I'll fish for anything by any method, I just prefer the fly rod. I thinks they all have something to offer, and more so with a fly rod. I kinda gave up texas rigged bucket mouths after the ten pounder on the wall (back when I mounted fish) My first love is trout, and specs being the the top because the environment and you've got to love a brookies enthusiasm and ease to a fly...
But I tell ya, If you really want a pursuit and a tough battle - though not glamourous -check out a poor mans bone - carp on a fly will give you all you can handle both in angling skill and fight...had one last year straighten out a 1/0 saltwater hook on me...the brute had some shoulders for sure...but its a blast and something else to add to joy of our sport.
May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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