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Picking between catching a bass or a trout on a fly is like picking between a hot redhead or hot blond...they're both hot...pick 'em both if you can...

As long as I have a fly rod in my hand and a fish on the other end of my line, I'm a happy man...

I would say that right now I prefer trout because they are slightly more accessible w/o a boat...but the few bass I've landed on a fly and the numerous bass I've caught throwing poppers and crankbaits remind me of how much fun those fish really are...

Bass and trout can both be hard or easy to catch depending on many factors...but I have to give the edge to the jumpers...Feisty smallmouth and acrobatic rainbows can be quite a challenge to bring to the net.

But what it all really comes down to is simply being out on the water. If we didn't enjoy being outdoors, none of us would be fishermen...If there's water, let's fish it...If there's fish, let's catch 'em!

(All that being said, I'll take the hot brunette as well...)
"I wish I was fishin'..." -me
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