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Default Best Combo for under $700...

Money is not the object? If my guess is correct, the Sage FLi is a fast action rod and more than anything that my be the reason you're not happy with it. Before dropping serious money on a new rod, you should try a few out first. That's really the only way to know. Plus you'd be surprised at how many rods BELOW the FLi price may be more enjoyable to cast. You'll probably want a slower action (less tip flex, more full flexing), based on your dislike for the FLi.

If it were me, I would get an 8'6" 3wt TFO Pro AND a 9'0" 5wt TFO Pro, and an Orvis BBSII reel with two extra spools. I would then purchase good 3wt, 4wt and 5wt lines for each of the spools. This setup would give you tremendously more flexibility than any one setup and you might even have a bit of change left over (but probably not much...).

Until you have been fishing for awhile you might not really notice the difference between a good rod and an expensive one. For the money, TFO Pros are a great value. Save your money and make sure you enjoy it first. Then you can upgrade and add rods as you go. Plus, I have a bad habit of breaking things, so to go off on a backcountry adventure with a Helios rod, would make me more nervous than anything else...


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