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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
I was not raised in the smokies but I was raised on the river here in Alabama. I remember my great uncle carrying me small game hunting and fishing along my childhood years. I was trying to convey to Tarheal about how I feel the same as you do about your dad. I still have his gun and his old rods and I would not take any thing for them at all. I believe I might even line the old rods and reels up and take them fishing at some point this year. The old model 11 shotgun still sets in my safe to be used or just studied on for many years to come. Tarheal keep up the memories.
I've got his rod hanging up on the wall...especially during the fishless Winter months...I was looking through his flies a few days ago, and realized that some of the patterns were from the 60's and 70's. He got a handful of them when he was out in Montana fishing the Madison River back in June of '92. He was one of the best fly fisherman I have ever seen...Also a great wingshooter like your uncle FlyRed. I hope to pass his gear down to my children/grandchildren/great grandchildren...strangely enough, the fly rod doesn't have ANY labels like rod manufacturer, weight, length, or numbers....Still the legacy remains....
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