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Hey Lumber Jack

Your post seemed to have incidentally got sidetracked. However, in my very humble opinion personal preference plays a huge part when it comes to choosing a rod. I’m a creature of habit my, first rod ten years ago was a Clearwater 5wt 8’6” full flex 2pc for no good reason other than I just like them, I’ve stuck with Orvis rods. I own more than one rod now, upgraded those rods through the years and in addition have found that mid flex rods are more suitable for me. My point is, I imagine people posting what brand or what particular rod one thought was best (I realize you are not necessarily asking that) could become quite a contentious subject. (Although entertaining : ) I think your going about it the right way. That is to say you know you need to part with a little coin to get some quality which in turn makes the casting experience a whole lot more enjoyable. I might add that finding ONE rod for “big streams, tailwaters and smaller stuff” might by akin to using a putter for 18 holes of golf. So what’s the answer…..get yourself two TLS Power Matrix rods, that might keep you under your 7bones- after all they’re the BEST!!
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