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Apologies for ramblings, my wife is ill and I can't spend much time here. Get a Copy of Harry Murray's smallie book- a must!!!. It has a lot his ties most of which are excellent, any Crayfish pattern, Wooleybuggers, and my favorites Clouser Minnows and Zonkers. Smallies seem more interested in the ACTION than realism, keep them simple and expendable.You will need to throw them into brush and rocks!! Will Ryan has a crayfish pattern made from deerhair that has had good results for me. Dave Whitlock is another "superexpert" has many excellent patterns but personally, I think he puts too much effort into some of his patterns. The artist in him!! His Hare Grub and Deep Minnow are two I tie large number of for my boxes. For a surface fly, I prefer a white Dahlberg Diver. Checkout I like deerhair bugs over "harder" cork/foam bugs. I feel bass hang on to them longer.

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