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I have a decal on the bumper of my Bronco that says "Carp, The Worlds Greatest Sportfish". I take beginning flyfishers out to the flats on Melton Hill for some freshwater bonefishing, you can wade and stalk them. It is the perfect practice for fighting big fish on a fly rod, because if you lose it, so what, it's just a carp. A few years ago Flat Fly'n and I were on Ft Loudon one summer evening and I was casting a Loomis 2 wt rod I had just finished building; just catching a few bluegill on foam beetles. Flat saw a carp feeding on top and "triple dog dared" me to cast to it. Of course I did and the battle was on. I eventually landed it, about 9 pounds! My biggest has been 27 pounds (on a 6 wt) according to Mr. Boga. But the ultimate is still the willowfly hatch, they cruise the banks looking up for flies. Nothing quite like watching a big carp make a u-turn and grab a dry, or seeing several race for a fly. My two favorite flies are the Christmas Bugger and the Carp D'Jour, which is basically a tan girdle bug.
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