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I find wood and cork to be a pain. I use foam for the ones I tie. I use the kinked shank Mustad popper hooks.

I have tried the pre shaped foam popper bodies and they work, especially when you put the pointy end toward the hook eye and make a "sneaky pete" type popper.

Motly, I just buy the foam "rods" (LRO has them) and cut them to the lenght I need for the popper I'm tying.

I put a thread base down and put a few drops of super glue on the thread. Use the bodkin or a large needle and poke a hole through the length of the foam. Then, before the glue dries, slip it over the eye and down the hook shank. The super glue holds it good and tight.

Then, tie on the tufk of maribou. For green, I use either red, green or black maribou. Then some hen hackle feathers in color of choice, usually the same color as the maribou but have gone crazy here too. I've used buck tail, and dry fly hackle too.

Sometimes, I'll put a few strands of Krystal Flash or tinsel in the maribou tail. It all works. I'm not sure the flash does much.

Another fly I tie is a gurgle pop. They are crazy simple to tie.
Lay down a thread base
Tie in a tuft of maribou for a tail
Use some sparkly dubbing or palmer a soft hackle up the hook shank
bring thread back to the tail.
Lay a stirp of 2mm craft foam over the hook with the end just shy of the hook eye.
Tie in just in front of the hook shank
fold it over, bring the thread to the middle of the hook
tie it in
move to the front
tie in
rubber legs are optional
trim the top piece just a little longer than the bottom piece.

These things are DEADLY.

Here are links to a few photos of the poppers and gurgle pops.

I can't claim originality on these patterns, I have made changes to the originals but I didn't invent them.

None of these are difficult to tie and they catch bass, bluegill and crappie when they're hitting on the top. Just for grins, I tied on a gurgle pop and used it on blacktail deer creek in Yellowstone and caught a few brook trout on one. It was kind of funny using a bluegill fly on trout in Yellowstone. I would imagine they had never seen one of those before and probably thought it was some kind of grasshopper. They did like them though.

Gurgle Pops

Foam Poppers
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