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Ive spent over 30 years fly fishing and had amid life crisis where I turned to tournament fishing before the "Big" payouts when $2000.00 was a huge winning amount. Personally...and I do mean this in a non threatening way. Bass (largemouth and smallmouth) are far more predictable than trout. Trout will refuse a fly 20 times more than a bass. I have kept years of journals for both.

The problem with todays bass fisherman IMHO is they are runnin' and gunnin' in a time crunch trying to use the same old tatics they use on home waters to catch a limt of fish. Granted pros will spend a great deal of time mapping and marking but many still spend very little time on specific spots if the fish are there but not biting. The key is to find a trigger with bass and much like trout, presentation is key. I quit fishing tournaments simply due to the nature of most of the wildcat and local tourneys. Many were there for the money. The treatment of the fish was horrible. Many fish were belly up at the docks or just dumped out of plastic bags. No attempts to see that fish were alive and well. Just dumped back into the river.

When you spend time on a body of water you will see the daily changes. You truly become in tune with what is going on on the river, lake, pond, etc...
It's easy for me to go and catch a big stringer of bass daily. I am dissappointed when the day holds less than 50 fish. And when fishing for smallies or largemouth, if you don't have a fish over 4lbs for the day you haven't spent enough time on that body of water.

Trout- an entirely different story depending on the river. You could spend an entire day over one fish and have refusal after refusal only to loose the chance at the one take that simply did not eat or came free.

Just my 2 borrowed cents. It's to hard to compare sunfish to trout. I spend a great deal of time fishing for large small mouth in small streams.
It's become a passion.

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