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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
I called up LRO and ordered some of the foam rods that you guys told me about. I also like that they come in different colors that you can purchase. I was going to try and use regular hooks over buying special popper hooks. Will this work?

I don't see why regular hooks wouldn't work. Just make sure the gape is wide enough (as Troutman said). The drop or two of super glue on the thread wraps before putting the foam on the hook should hold it in place just fine.

When I first started using these, I used an Xacto knife and cut a slit in them to place on the hook. I have found that running a needle / bodkin through them to "poke a hole" and then sliding over the hook eye saves a lot of time and reduces the chance of slipping with the Xacto knife cutting a deep valley in your finger and the resulting teaching of new words to the wife and children.

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