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Default Rod Help

O.k.,Lets start with the real seat.Look for any pins or nails,if you find some,try to pull them out with anything you can grab them with,like small pliers.If there isnt any nails,try to heat the seat with eather a torch,(be carfull) or a heat gun,that should heat up any glue,and you should be able to pull it off.
The cork grip can be cut off with a knife,but be very carful you dont cut the Bamboo,when you get it close,use 200 grit to 400 grit sand paper to get to the Bamboo.Try to only clean the cork and adheasive from the Bamboo.Dont sand the Boo.
The ferrels may be pined also,if so,pull the pins,and heat.Only heat enough to get the glue to release.
If you need some help,call me at 740-828-9371 in the evening.

And,by all means,HAVE FUN !!!
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