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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
Current record is 28.75 lbs from the Clinch River. Had this fish been officially weighed it possibly could have been a new record. If TN had a separate record for fly caught fish, I would put money on it beating that record.

However, it says a lot about somebody who chooses to release a fish of that size. I consider myself a C&R fisherman, but I have never had to make a decision regarding a fish of that size.

Didn't I read something recently about how some states are looking at considering using the formula calculated weights in determining record status? Maybe in a recent issue of FlyFisherman Magazine.....
Fly fisherman mag ran a article about a new method coming out and the possibilities of it being used for claiming records. Had some cool graphs and stats along with it. I forget what the new formula was but im sure i have the magazine around somewhere.
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