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Thumbs up Fishing the Caney with David

Originally Posted by ajh10567 View Post
That is some depressing news, I always counted on the Caney for a solid day no matter how crowded it was. I may have to get up there soon before it gets any worse.
I met up with David this morning at the dam and we fished the dam pool, then the crescent below the stairs for a couple hours before moving down to HH. I didn't do quite as well as David did but I did manage a couple. Same pattern though...I'd go fish-less for a while and change out my offering and get one on immediately, then go fish-less again until I changed out my setup.

Very spotty fishing, but I don't think it had anything to do with fishing pressure. Today was pretty much a cakewalk compared to the combat fishing on the day after Thanksgiving! I wonder if maybe all of the recent heavy generation has had an impact on their normal feeding patterns.

The other thing I noticed today was that the only really noticeable "midging" came after a few minutes of calm. The wind was quite gusty at times and, now that I think about it, all of my fish came in periods of relative calm -- except for my last fish.

My last fish was my personal best for today. When we got to HH at about 4:00, the water was still falling out so I decided to go bigger and deeper. David headed upstream from the boat ramp fishing the little islands and backwaters while I waded straight out from the boat ramp. I tied about four feet of 5x off my furled leader, tied on a red Copper John, and dropped a #14 BHPT about two feet of the bend of the Copper John. First cast was into the wind and I watched my indicator drift right past me. About 10 feet downstream it twitched and I lifted... pretty little 13 - 14 inch brown.

A short while after that, I was telling David about it and it occurred to me that all of my fish had come at the end of a drift, as I was lifting the rod. Maybe there's a tip there for somebody
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