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I bit the bullet and placed my order with MudHole. I ordered a TFO TiCr 9' 8 wgt. I also ordered an aluminum reel set, fullwell grip with cutout, 2 stripper guides (sizes recommended by TFO), matching tip top and single foot guides. I am going to wrap it in black thread with an electric blue trim line.

I am sure I will have tons of questions, so I appreciate any help you guys can give.

I am an obsessive guy when comes to projects like this so it is no suprise that I lost sleep last night over the following questions. Please help!

1. Do you start measuring your guides from the bottom of the tip top itself or the bottom of the loop on the tip top.

2. This rod is going to have a fighting butt. How do I measure to determine where the grip goes? I have read several different lessons on line and I purchased a book that talks about it, but I need something really simple.

Thanks in advance.
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