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A co-worker and I went up mid-January and decided to head for the Bald, specifically Holly Flats campground, only to find it closed. Closed on a very rainy evening at about 10pm, which was not what we wanted to see. If you've ever driven the FS road that cuts off to Holly Flats then you'll know what I'm talking about...not a place to be at 10pm a down-pour. At any rate we made it down to pavement and went north right above the hatchery to pitch our tents. We ended up waking up at first light, headed to the Falls parking area and set off into the gorge. I will say that this is no place for a "beginner" of which we both are. You better "know" what you're doing as it will test every technique and prowess you have in your "kit". None the less it was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again at a more "seasoned" date. I will try to add some pics soon.

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