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Default 1st Night...well really 2nd night

My new project arrived from MudHole on Wednesday. So on wednesday night, I got evertything out of the box, laid it out to make sure I had everything...then I was paralyzed by fear wondering all the ways I could screw up.

Went to bed...woke up the next day and decided the only way to get there is to take the first step. So last night I started my project in ernest. I found the spine, at least I think I did, on all four pieces and marked them. I had to do some work on the grip to get the recess big enough for the recessed reel set and I had to bore out the hole. Got the the grip on and got the fighting butt epoxied onto the reel seat. I am feeling a little more confident now.

Tonight I plan to put on the tip top and start wrapping the 'female' ferrules. I hope am still as confident in the morning.

Thanks for all the helpful hints, keep 'em coming!
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