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Default not last week

well, what a difference 60 degree days make !
everyone who owns a fly rod was in, around, beside thrashing the so.ho. At one point I looked up and I thought I saw the "three horsemen" coming up the river, one on each side with one in the middle. For a second, I wasn't sure if they were fishing or trying to shock up a fish. the water temp was 42 early but I expect the number of anlers body temp. raised it a few degrees.
T.V.A. generated til 11 a.m. thank you so much for that Kilgore, its a long way to Kingston, maybe their trying to wash out the fly ash.
was a hatch for a couple hours (1-3) then the fish decided to take a nap. left me with my butt kicked. maybe 10 fish.

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You mean fish can't read? Ok I guess I can leave the Orvis hat at the house then! CV the soho has been whipping my butt this winter too don't feel bad.
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