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I remember the first time I saw the willowflies, I did not know what they were. I was working in Kingston that day and decided to eat my lunch at the city park by the boat ramp. The trees along the bank were full of them and was on the side of the floating dock. I put a handful in my empty drink cup before I left and stopped by the creel on my way back through Knoxville. I showed them to Waterwolf and ask what they were. He seemed very happy to see them and knew where they came from before I told him where I was at that day! I expect he probably took off for watts bar that evening.

I have never seen them on Douglas, Cherokee or on the French Broad or Holston rivers. I never fish Norris, Melton Hill, Tellico or Ft. Nasty. Is that mayfly pretty much only in watts bar and lower Hiwassee river basin. Could it be due to the fact that The feeder lakes to the TN river system have such a big drawdown in the winter that the eggs are laid in high water of summer and then left dry during the winter?
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