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It sounds like your epoxy started to set up on you. What type are you using? There are a bunch of things that can be done. Is it one or two wraps that aren't level or is it through the entire rod? Check out There is a lot of great info there. If it was me and (I'm very picky with what I build) I would take a razor blade or exacto knife and cut the wraps off by sliding the blade down the guide foot and peeling the rest of the wrap off (donít cut into the blank). If every wrap is uneven it will be time consuming but I would want to start over again (check that web site because they may have better options then what I'm saying). When you apply the epoxy next use an alcohol burning candle to add a little heat to help even out you epoxy after you apply it to each wrap. Heat lowers the viscosity of the epoxy and it will also take care of any bubbles you may have enclosed in the epoxy. With a first time rod builder and a 9 foot fly rod itís hard to keep the epoxy from setting up on you before you get through the rod. I use to mix epoxy two times for a fly rod. I would do half the rod and then mix up some more and finish the rod off.
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