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Originally Posted by Plateau Angler View Post
The Caney Fork brown trout will spawn and based off of last fall, they can do it successfully if we could just get some consistent low flows for a long enough period of time... The large browns would still be throughout the upper river if the majority weren't taken off of redds while they were vulnerable...
If this or that... If the Caney had natural reproduction, it would be managed quite differently. I think it would be wonderful if they would manage the flows in such a way as to let reproduction happen. But you are describing a situation that does not exist. Not yet anyway. The question is currently just about deciding under what circumstances the stockers will die and be replaced with new stockers.

I would love it if we are able to turn the Caney into something other than what it is. But it is what it is. We can change the regulations to suit a naturally reproducing fishery if it actually becomes that some day. Till then, regulations are only about how to make the most people happy with limited hatchery resources.
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