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Default Fishing the Winter Run

I've not posted this season, wonder if many got over to try it? This year's run was the best I have seen in 7 years. I wonder what next year will be like because so many fish were taken this year, the creek was busy this winter with people catching and most keeping their fish. If they managed to spawn before being harvested, then it will be good still in a couple of years. I just really know so little about this run, whether the stockings are even on-going is an unknown. This year was good, as I said; quite a few fish in the 20+ inch range, best was 23". Lost one I bet would have gone 27" (it went cartwheeling across the pool and threw my streamer!) and heard of several that big or bigger this season. The run seems to be about over though, the fish are much more scarce now than a month ago. I will fish until the end of Feb since the creek will be closed the month of March. This season the steelhead were much more prevalent, you can see the fish with the sparse spotting below the lateral line (steelhead) vs. the fish with the more normal rainbow spotting, typically the rainbows are thicker as well. February 16, 2009

This fish took a T&A Rainbow, or a rattlesnake.

This hen took an egg.

Big Bow on an egg.

Beautiful chromer took an egg.

Same fish with proud angler! His first, probably on his second cast too.

Another fish that took an egg.

Terrible picture of a beautiful male (see next photo of his head) Rhododendrons were so thick I couldn't lay it out for a decent photo.

Note the kype.

I have to stop the post here. Will post one more.......
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