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Originally Posted by Plateau Angler View Post
If you bothered to actually fish the Caney or even look at it in the fall, you would know that there is at least some natural reproduction and would be more if people would leave the fish alone...
OK, OK, sorry to get you all ruffled. I did fish the Caney perhaps 50 times up until about 2000, when I decided that it seemed more like fishing at a trout farm and with no privacy. If others don't see it that way, then good for you.

What I do know is that the TWRA considers trout reproduction in the Caney to be "extremely rare," and that trout must be stocked for there to be any in there. Combine that with the tons of pressure that it gets, I feel quite comfortable thinking that the amount of wild born fish in there is about zero. For any who want to understand why the TWRA has this view, you could look at this:

Just seeing some trout on redds doesn't mean anything. Most stocked trout will *try* to reproduce; it's the succeeding part that's hard. A nest full of fertilized eggs still isn't going to survive the winter and spring in the Caney. If you believe that your seeing trout on redds methodology is better than what the biologists come up with, I invite you to make your case.

Getting back to the regs, if pretending that trout are successfully reproducing in there helps you to make your case that the fishing regs should change, then OK, that is your belief, and I encourage you to spread it to all that will hear.

But I think maybe what you are really trying to say is that since yanking a stocker off a redd is so easy, that the benefit that the yanker gets from doing it is far less than the benefit you get from trying to fish for it over the following months (maybe years). That to me is a good argument. Maybe you are saying that you feel entitled to fish for large browns vs. Yanker Joe's entitlement to take large browns home to eat (small trout taste just as good or better). That also seems like a good argument. But in the end, it is not about natural reproduction; it is about making the most people happy with the stockers that the TWRA puts in there.

If we are want to make trout reproduce naturally in the Caney, then we need to engage the entity responsible for that: The Corps of Engineers. If we then succeed at getting trout to reproduce naturally, we can then come up with correspondingly appropriate fishing regulations. That's all I'm trying to say.
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