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Snaildarter, I hope I didn't offend you with my comments. I know TWRA doesn't think that the trout are doing much reproduction in the Caney but that is the same thing they thought about the SoHo for years and likewise what KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife thought about the Cumberland...

Yanking any fish off a redd is easy including wild fish so I don't buy the stocker versus wild fish argument which is why there are closures on some of the truly great rivers like the SoHo. Fish are vulnerable during the spawn wild or not and should be protected regardless of whether or not they are successful. Yes, I do believe that it is unethical to keep fish that are caught off of redds but that's just me and I know most people don't hold the same standards... If you can't catch 'em when they are at their toughest, you don't deserve to take home a stringer full when they are easy...once again, strictly my opinion so take it with a grain of salt...

I agree that it would be nice to get some form of steady flows during the fall and winter to protect the eggs and fry. If I knew how to get started working towards that goal I would do it in a minute although I fear the solution just won't happen in my lifetime due to the "powers that be." If you have any suggestions to me to work towards this goal, please let me know. The Caney has the potential to be a great river if we could just get the regs adjusted. TWRA has taken steps in the right direction with the minimum length limit and I hope that they continue working towards solutions that will enhance the fishery for all.
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