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I think like you do. I guess we Chem E's think alike. I fish the Caney regularly and have said that I wish I had a badge multiple times. Saturday, my son and I saw at least 4 stringers with undersized browns on them. And a couple had more than 7 fish. The issue that the TWRA will probably quote is that we could endanger ourselves with writing citations. Several people I know carry cell phones and speed dial known violations. The issue is too much river and too little enforcement resource.

Flat Fly N nailed it when he talked about greed. Some people will use up the resources God has blessed this state with and don't give a hoot about others or the future. I like catching big trout the same as anyone else. I have caught my fair share of large fish on the Caney and returned them hopefully in shape to fight again. If someone wants to keep a few fish to eat, that's fine. Just use common sense, obey the regs and don't be greedy.

BTW, bluegill are a blast to catch on a 2 or 3wt or light spinning, taste better and are not in short supply.
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