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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
Region I 800-831-1173
Region II 800-255-8972
Region III 800-241-0767
Region IV 800-831-1174

I would think the Caney would be in Region II, however it may be in Region III. I've only fished it once.

The Caney is actually in 2 regions, but is monitored and enforced typically by Region II. This debate on the regs, spawning, etc. has been ongoing for some time. I have fished this river for a long long time and it is my personal belief that there is some reproduction that is taking place since we now have a river that can sustain trout over a period of years and not just from season to season. We now have more consistent water temperatures as is proven by the results of the new min. flow sluice gates and registered on the Corps website at Stonewall, some 16 or 17 miles downstream. We have higher dissolved oxygen content then the river has ever had. Even during periods of no generation, the river is about 3 to 4 inches higher than it ever has been and that is recorded on the Corps websites.

The bottom line is that the full spectrum of fishermen from the Clampett's, to Sir Reginald Tweedjacket have to follow the rules and regulations for this river to be a viable resource in the future. That includes the fishing regulations, and the boating regulations which are often abused here as well. It's ok to have varied opinions about what the river is capable of doing and sustaining, that is how we keep things in check. I say, enforce the regulations and impose stiffer fines that sends the message that whomever you are, however you fish this river, you will respect the laws or you will pay the penalty. then once you get that in check, change the regulations to new regulations that will ensure the survival of this resource for years to come. If not, it will become just another tailwater that moves water from one dam to the next.
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