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Fished the SOHO today. freezing cold. Day started off great, me and my buddy had our first hits within each three cast respectively. Top fly for the day was by far a biot bodied blue wing nymph. Caught a couple on an olive biot bodied midge. Got into a hatch about two and caught a number of fish on bwo emerger, then once they stopped rising, caught them on the nymph again. Pretty consistent day, didn't need to change flies too often, but I threw a variety. Nothing to write home about with the other flies. Never saw another fisherman on the river and saw a hatch which brought up more fish than I could have imagined in one section of river. The full width of the river seemed to have steady rises going. Cool site to see for sure. Not a whole lot of duns in the air, I think the wind may have kept them down, but fish would take an emerger. They also liked the emerger fished wet with a beadhead nymph below it after they stopped rising. Just something to think about.
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