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I, too, would add that fishing midges (including black fly patterns) in appropriate sizes and patterns with a drag-free drift is a key to successful tailwater fishing. Midges and crustaceans are tailwater staples, and the more proficient you become in presenting a "reasonable" pattern in a "reasonable" size, the more success you will have.

I would like to suggest another ingredient to the tailwater strategy mix -- streamers. Having a variety of sculpin, shad and general-purpose (eg buggers, zonkers, Barr and Gallup concoctions, etc) patterns in your arsenal and focusing on the lesser-fished areas can mean the difference in a so-so day and a super day. I (not to boast) have had some very good days on E Tenn tailwaters fishing streamers in not-so-popular areas when the overall fishing around me was lackluster.


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