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Thanks so much for the help! I will definitely be ordering some zebra midges. Normally when I throw midges, I drop them about a foot and a half behind a copper john or pheasant tail and use an indicator about two feet above that. Do you think that might be causing an unnatural drift below? Should I just go only with the midge and drop it deep like you said to avoid a big CJ or PH spooking the fish? Also, since I normally wade and you recommended fishing in 3ft or more of water, how do you suggest this? I feel if I'm fishing a deep rig directly upstream in front of me its difficult to work behind fish in that deep of water. If I cast upstream at an angle, I can hit that deeper water, but is my drift being affected too much? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to break my last few skunked trips to the clinch.
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