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I fish the Stones River when I can't make it out to the Caney Fork. I use the Stones River to practice my casts, and I would use the smallest white or yellow popper Bass Pro had, so it was small enough to catch a fish and I could still see it easily. The bluegill GO NUTS after it, they hit it and take it under water but everytime I set the hook there is no fish. Their mouths are too small. But the fly I had most luck on was a small bee imitation, one the typical yellow and black but moreso the orange and black. I didn't even mean to catch fish with it, I used it because I got it and dozens of others like it off eBay for $2. I cast it off to the side to look through my fly box and when I pulled the fly out of the water to bring the line back, a 2" bluegill came flying out of the water. Being as hot and tired as I was, I laughed out loud for a good 10 minutes.
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