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Originally Posted by Wilson10 View Post
1. Become a better dry fly fisherman

Just my .02, but scrap that if you want to be more efficient fishing tailwaters. I guess it depends on what you deem efficient. If it is putting fish to hand in numbers, quickly, then dries on our tailwaters are not really the way to go.

If you want to become lethal learn how to effectively present midges and other small nymphs. Learn the section you fish like the back of your hand and know every deep pocket, crease, slot, chute, whatever. Maximize your time on the river by putting the right fly, at the right depth, in the right places. And by all means keep it simple on the flies, when you wake up and know you only need 2 different nymphs to go to the river and be successful, a tuft of yarn, and a spool of tippet. Then you are there IMO.
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