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Default existential planning

As I think more about the inquiry as to my five favorite flies, it reminded me of a question I ask my friend who taught me much about the sport/art that I love so much. On our way to the stream I ask him what he was planning to use, his response was, "don't know, haven't looked yet." His reply taught me a lot. So in thinking about it more it I want to submit my list of 5 favorite flies again.
1. the one the fish are taking
2. the next one they take after they stop feeding on the first.
3. hopefully one I have in my box
4. hopeully the one I can tie later.
5. and this is the most important, the one that will release our companions back to their home with as little damage to them as possible.

bonus fly
the bug that will not attrack so many fish that I forget that time spent on the water is not about producing numbers but a spiritually meditative experience with Nature.
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