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Originally Posted by monktrout View Post
Is it just me or are we fishing midges deeper than we were ten years ago? I used to fish midges about 12-18" below the yarn. Seems like more and more anglers are routinely putting midge patterns on the bottom. Possibly the popular zebra patterns are more larva and less pupa. Are fish, rising to midges on top, sulking back down three feet? Any ideas?
I know I do, I fish an vg of 3-4 feet deep with midges. Tungsten beads made it super easy, and it was always easy in a river like the clinch which is super slow. I don't worry too much about pupa versus larvae, they eat them all on the same day. I also usually don't adjust my indicator once I tie it on, now that may be from haunting the clinch for 20 years or more and knowing exactly where my fly needs to be and how deep is deep enough to not have to constantly adjust.

No question the most inefficient way to fish the clinch is chasing the fish eating midges in the film or just under the surface. Usually dinks, and usually frustrating or slower then going deep in my experience.
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