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Access is good, fish to be expected are smallmouth, redeye, bream, and maybe a muskie if you are extra lucky.

Be very careful in that part of the world. It is unforgiving. Carry a pistol, for sure, and watch where you put your hands and feet as it is invested with copperheads and rattlesnakes.

If you are planning a float, better be a super whitewater paddler, or death is a real possibility. Take it from me, I almost died on that river about 10 years ago, then only thing I can think is it just wasn't my time.

Wading is tricky as it is a pool/drop stream, you may have to swim from hole to hole, but in the summer it isn't a big deal. It is better then fighting the rhododendron and snake covered banks.

On the snakes, most who know me, know that I am not afraid of snakes. However, that place is invested. I remember one afternoon I saw 6 different copperheads and 2 rattlesnakes in 3 hours time.

It is a beautiful place and very under fished, so it is usually worth it.
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