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This may not be obvious at first, but by posting the link to their website and mentioning the "S-K" phrase, you're boosting their website in the search engines.

I don't think they have any real belief that fish are going to be renamed. What they want is to say something so outrageous that folks will talk about it and knowing that sportsmen will talk about it in the internet forums and blogs, they will get free links to their website.

They are not trying to change our minds, but one of the things that helps to determind how close a website places to the top of the list in any type of search is the number of external links otherwise called "in links". Right now, there are over 200 in links to this page which boosts their entire website in the importance in search engines.

It's not renaming fish they are trying to get across here, it's boosting the search engine placement for their other agenda issues.

The more people are talking about this, the higher the chance of someone visiting their websiet and maybe getting influenced by other propoganda they are presenting.

Just a word of caution for the guys here to be careful about offering them too much free help.

Hope this helps.

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