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Originally Posted by monktrout View Post
Shoulder seasons, spring and fall, are outage time for TVA. During times of decreased need for power, generators and turbines get rebuilt. Downstream needs at nuclear and steam plants may affect flow needs from upstram dams. Reservoirs with too little capacity downstream will call for low flows from upstream dams. If there is a major rebuild of a unit at Norris Dam we could see one generator until time to fill Norris Lake. Don't know if any of this is the issue at Norris. Could see sulfurs on the Clinch before tax day.

Sorry, but I feel you have posted some pretty false info in your post. TVA generators heavily during Sept and Oct. or Fall, to draw the lake down to winter pool. They generally begin filling the headwater reservoirs in Mid-March, the only thing which effects either is rainfall. Neither have anything to do with power needs.

Sulfurs by tax day Why because of the warm weather? You do realize that in the Clinch the water temps do not vary more then 3 or 4 degrees all year. The coldest water usually comes in the summer, and the warmest in November. So according to what you assume we should not have bugs until November.

Sulfurs and other mayflies hatch approx. 1 year from when the eggs were laid the year before. It is just nature, and that should coincide with the first part of May. Sure you may have a handful trickle off all year, but the true hatch will be the first part of May, just as it has always been for 20 years or more.

Tailwaters don't change with the seasons the same as a freestone stream. The water remains fairly constant in temp, and the fish/benthics are on a very set pattern.
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