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Default Good Job Stu

Hey Stu, you did a fine job on your first bamboo and you should be proud of it. I thought you might like that Perma gloss finish, it goes on really well and it does give it a fine look.
You are right, the H&H ring guides do stand up nice and high and they do have a good look to them. the H&H strippers are the same type used on the Sage rods. I love the cradled design of them and often use the Mildrum guides on a lot of bamboo. They are very similar to the H&H guides.

You have one there that will bring some excellent memories to you every time you string it up and land a nice fish with it. I like the hand rubbed finish on the boo too.

I know she will serve you well on the SoHo. Looking forward to getting up there and bending some grass with you soon.

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