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Originally Posted by JoelO View Post
Nice pics & post Mike. I usually fish the Caney. Never have fished the SoHo but its interesting to hear how you guys fish it. Over here we generally have to get small on the tippet size but 8X ...Wow that's small. I was curious as to what type of mayfly that was in your picture.
Well, let me try. It looks a lot like a Hendrickson Dun but the problem is that this specimen only have two tails, Hendrickson calls for three and so does Sulphur and Little Sulphur.

If we knew for sure the size of the insect and the fact that it has it's tail intact we could determine better. BWO would have two tails but the eyes look like Hendrickson. I would say Hendrickson if it is a size 14 or so. BWO if it's an 18.

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