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In the end I reached my car in a wonderful state of bliss. Not a thought rattling around in my head. Some people spend hours in meditation for this feeling, others spend years talking about their inner feelings with a shrink, others resort to drugs of one sort or another ……for others it is exercise ….others it is a different type fishing. What trips our trigger and makes us truly happy is unique to each of us. Not something that can be right or wrong or even judged or measured ……… its just what makes us happy and for me that high comes from being on a beautiful stretch of trout water with a beautiful stick of bamboo in my hand and my worries flowing away down stream with the current……….. Ain’t life grand with a day of just “slipping off solo” under your belt.

Arkansas White river trip and Hazel creek trip write ups still to come………… like I said its been a good first quarter of fishing.
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