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Originally Posted by Flyfishjeep View Post
That is a really nice deer on the wall!!! Is there a story to that one?
Luck has more to do with it than anything. Here's the short version. It's a deer I killed the last year I lived in OH (2002). I missed it at 17 yards one evening while bowhunting in October (still makes me sick). I hunted almost everday after that, seeing it at a distance occassionally. Man, I passed up some big bucks that year, thinking I might get another shot at it. Shotgun season opened after Thanksgiving (I hunt with a muzzleloader). That Thursday afternoon, it stepped out of a fencerow 10 yards from where I was sitting. It's got 16 points on a 12 point frame. It scored 198 2/8" as a non-typical, somewhere in the high 170's as a typical. For a while it was the #2 Ohio muzzleloader deer. It's antlers really are that crooked on its head. One of these days I'm going to save a cape and have it re-mounted. Lessoned learned, you get what you pay for when it comes to taxidermy.

Here's some more pictures of the office that you may enjoy.

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