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If you're going for brook trout on the second day, do not make the mistake of trying to hike up Deep Creek Trail to find them. It's a long way to brookies. Better to go around to the top and drop off the crest of the ridge just before the Clingman's Dome turnoff and pick up Deep Creek Trail from the top. We hiked that last October when we had a group in that area. It's around a mile and half downhill to the first substantial wet spot. If you hike on down another quarter mile and then fish back to the spot where the creek gets too skinny, you'll catch nothing but brookies. The only downside is that the hike back out is all uphill. However, this area is rarely fished, as opposed to say Road Prong, which has easier access but lots of traffic.

Do watch out for bears. We found a shredded *rolling duffel* bag stashed way back up under a rhododendron bush in some very thick cover.

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