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I used to fish above Dennis Cove quiet a bit, but over the last couple of years I have mostly fished below the falls. From the Dennis Cove parking lot you can fish all the way up to Frog Level fairly easily. But most of the time I prefer to drive up to Frog Level and either fish down from where Firescald Branch flows in to the lower fields, or begin at the confluence of the 2 streams and fish up to the upper fields. I have also fished from Frog Level to above upper Laurel Falls. I don't know how familiar you are with the area, but the area right there at Dennis Cove gets fished pretty hard, because it is stocked fairly regularly. About 1/2 mile above Dennis Cove there is a cable across the stream that marks the beginning of special regulation waters. From here up it is a wild brown trout stream with a few brookies thrown in. The last couple of years have been so dry that I haven't been up there. It's a lot easier for me to park in Hampton and fish up to the falls. There is also plenty of good water above the falls back up to the AT parking lot.

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