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OK I went to Ireland in June. I only had 2 days to fish and the first i went guided, but the rivers were so blown out due to rain it was completely useless. Wasn't the guides fault he was great but whatcha gonna do? , So we went to a couple stocked ponds which is where I caught that fish and a bunch more...I was kinda bummed cause that ain't why i went there. Irish eyes were smilling on me though, the next day the river dropped and was still stained, the fish had to eat and lost their spookyness, and I couldn't be in a better spot, in one run on the Nire river I slayed em caught so many fat browns my arm got wore out. They were like swimming footballs, not much longer than the net but so fat the barely fit in it. I will try to scan some pics of em cause i was by myself and took the pics with a disposable camera. If you are interested in flyfishing Ireland for trout or Salmon check out this website and lodge, It was wonderful, I even wrote a little testimonial that they put on the site under the Contact section of the their web site, check it out...Oh and Guinness is really that good!
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