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Default Clinch 4-3 Fished Good

Clinch fished very well last Saturday.
Started at the jail at 9am. Fish were not rising. Actually caughts some fish that looked like they were laying right on the bottom. Lots of 12 to 13 inch browns, did not look like stockers but how know. Fins were not rubbed off. Moved to weir after water turned off at 1pm. Caught one really nice deep rainbow on wooly bugger. Dead difted wb and zebra midge through most of the deep water and picked up more nice bows and browns. Did not catch any brookies all day. Fish started rising and switched to a size 20 parachute adams and a small midge emerger that I tye. Picked up lots of smaller fish. Also spent time throwing rocks at the herons that were catching more fish that most everyone else.

All in all a great day, I estimate around 30 fish with atleast 10 going over 12 inches best fish would have been one long skinny brown.

Another tip for lunch stop at Golden Girls, in and out in 20 minutes, $6.00 for the lunch special
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