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I couldn't tell you. It's the first one I've personally ever seen attached to a fish and the first time I was on the HI I saw one. I would like some imput on the browns in the HI. I was thinking that the ratio was alittle higher but, I never hooked up with one all day and in a day were ever run was producing a hook up and or fish landed you would think atleast 1 would have been a brown if the ratio was even 10%. Also, I fished the "trophy trout" section of the HI and I landed a bow 12" long. Is a 12" fish considered a nice/large fish on the HI. I might have set my goal alittle high but, I wasn't impressed with the average size of fish. Now, don't get me wrong the landscape was beautiful and when the train came by and blew at me when I waved that was pretty cool but, the fish fought very hard and I even had a 10" run me down the river. Oh and whom ever it was asking if the Fly shop on the corner was for sale, the sign reads "buildings and land for sale". Alittle info would be nice if anyone wants to give me some pointers on picking up that 14" fish without giving up their hotspots.
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