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Originally Posted by jarrod white View Post
I think it is very kind to share a little information, however, I also think there is no substitute for time on the river. I feel like just because one man has paid his dues and figured things out on a particular body of water, it is almost an insult to ask him for very many details. I have offered advice to a struggling fisherman before, but I am pretty tight lipped when asked. I just feel like just because some people spend many hours and many years experimenting and learning, why would you want to just give it to Joe Schmo who decides he wants to start fly fishing, he needs to invest some time into it on his own.
Perhaps a casting lesson or two, and a couple of introductory books would be a great start and I am sure that Byron would be more than willing to help you out.


Good point. I try and give enough to get them on the river catching stockers and leave it at that. I figure the more people we have fishing, the more influence we have on the river. There is so much more to it than what I told him. Good advice on reading books. I've learned a lot by reading what others have learned over years. I don't get out enough to apply it, but I sure like to learn different techniques. If he wants to catch the big one's, he'll have to know a lot more than what I've posted, but you do bring up a good point. If I had my way, every one that fishes for trout for sport would fly fish.