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Default Tying Niche!

Picked this all up at Big Lots for about $300! The desk was $180, I think the chair was $70, and the lil rolling filing cabinet was $50. I just picked up the new Ott Light last night at Lowes for $79 buckeroo's. That light is AWESOME!!!! Makes a huge difference in picture snapping! Any way, my hand is messed up right now and I can't tie...It's bad news bears stuff. I was planning on fishing tomorrow and now it appears as if I'm gonna be visiting the ol doc. I'm really hoping I've just stove pipe my thumb but I fear the worst!

Here's the desk opened.

All Closed up, outta sight, outta mind! Right in my living room.

If your wanting a cheap solution to your tying/wife/husband woes, this may be the right idea!

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