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Default Pay-it-forward

Originally Posted by jarrod white View Post
I feel like just because one man has paid his dues and figured things out on a particular body of water, it is almost an insult to ask him for very many details. I have offered advice to a struggling fisherman before, but I am pretty tight lipped when asked. I just feel like just because some people spend many hours and many years experimenting and learning, why would you want to just give it to Joe Schmo who decides he wants to start fly fishing, he needs to invest some time into it on his own.
I don't mean to start a fight here, but I disagree. Grizzly, was merely asking a simple question. There is a reason why the number of folks who fish is dwindling and part of it has to do with that fact that there are so few of us encouraging others to take up the sport. And no one will continue trying something if they have limited to no success. There is no way that helping a beginner to pick out a few flies will take away anything from your fishing pleasure. In fact, the next person you help could end up being very connected politically and assist us in improving the quality of our fisheries. If you don't want to help, don't help. But unless you picked up everything on your own, you probably had help at some point as well. I as you ti think about "paying-it-forward". Many folks have helped me through the years and while there is no replacement for time on the water, a little nudge in the right direction might just be enough to help this person. I always try to help if I can. Many have done the same for me.

Here is what he asked:
Originally Posted by grizzly View Post
I am an absolute beginner at fly fishing and am wondering what are the basic flies to buy and use. I fish the Holston and was there the other day. The guy near me was slaying the trout on nymphs. That's all I could get out of him. All i had were dry flies so I only got one bite. Any help would be very helpful. I plan on stocking my flybox pretty soon, but just don't really have a clue!
The guy he talked to didn't have to give out his secret fly. All he really wanted to know is what nymphs should he go purchase...seems pretty harmless.

Had he asked about a particular fly, in a particular place, at a particular then I would completely agree with you (and the guy he ran into on the stream). We can all spot the folks who are trying to take short-cuts to wisdom and I don't think that is the case here. We should try and help those who are interested in taking up the sport. The more folks we have interested in it, the less likelihood it will get regulated into legislative oblivion.

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."